Love Of My Life


The love of my life I sincerely apologize for giving the best of my heart to undeserving, selfish women. I vowed to protect my heart while I repaired the damages I’ve caused. Although I may not be perfect I’ve been fighting to become the perfect one for you. The past relationships were lessons from the best teachers I know. Days leading to this very moment, those lessons have been studied so that on my next test, I’ll ace it with flying colors. My passion, desire, and fortitude to be the best person I know how will┬áleading the way to ecstasy. I was such a foolish man before today. I let those who didn’t care about my heart intrude on something so sacred. I was so oblivious to the milicious intent that some individuals sat out to do. I truly thought that the love you show people would be reciprocated. Loyalty, a standard I dearly value and hold myself accountable to. You see throughout this life of mine I figured I’d sat out to surround myself with individuals with like minds and energy but there was an obstacle, I consider myself a lone wolf. Some use the word loner but I perfer to use lone wolf and the reason for that is because I’ve always been cognizant of the company I’ve kept. I haven’t always been the one to rush and open up to anyone especially women with the fear of what they’d do with the information in the event our relationship goes sour. I’ve been reserved and closed off for most of my life because I didn’t fully trust humans. The things I’ve seen humans do to other humans throughout my life struck a nerve. I never had a father growung up so I had to learn how to become a man from the ones around me. I had this ideal that apart of being a man was to never show emotions unless it was anger which I have no problem displaying. I was that kid who’d always find his way into a fist fight but that’s besides the fact. I’ve been preparing myslef to become a man a women could easily fall in love with despite my flaws. A nurturing heart who sincerely embraces my vulnerable heart and soul. I just ask that you the woman I love don’t break my heart because I guarantee I can’t survive another heartbreak. My eyes are out of tears, my heart is on it’s everlasting beats, my soul is exhausted at this point, and my mind is all out of fucks to give. I want you to confirm that this ideal I have about love is not just an illusion and that I’m not delusional. I promise that the love I have for you is one of a kind and no other woman has ever received my word is bond. You can thank all the teachers for teachers for helping me transform into this elite man I am today. Some of the individuals mostly responsible in pushing me to become elite every single day is Life, Death, Pain, Passion, Desire, Love, Hate, Time and god himself. “It’s about finding a new experience with someone you’d never thought you’d meet, who totally turns your life around completely…” In this instant you’ve taught me a valuable lessons no other women has ever taught me and that is you’ve showed me what love is all about. I now know what real life is all about and I have god to praise. I give it all to the almighty high power for sending me my angel, and my savior. Again I am sorry for giving the best of my heart to temporary women who weren’t ready for the love I brought. I can honestly say thoae past women may have gotten the best of my heart but you my love have the best version of my heart.