Respect Your Mind By Keeping it Open

We start with an ideal about thing or someone and along the way you tend to find your initial philosophy about that specific person or thing changes and now we are fighting to put back up the barriers we once created in order to protect ourselves which cripples our progress towards growing as a person. Everyone’s been hurt one time or another and we vowel never to let it happen again so we run into a hole, this hole full of anger, regret, depression and the feeling of betrayal. We were not born perfect, we all were not born walking and talking we learned how to develop these attributes and the same goes with life, it’s a learning process so we have to allow ourselves to grow and no it won’t happen over night but at least give yourself a chance to receive all the things life has to offer no matter what. Trails and tribulations are inevitable like night and day it’s up to the individual to allow one self to build and along the way let others help whether it be friends, family, or a significant other. The pleasure of receiving love, being nurtured, respected are only the few joys in life but a key factor to happiness. With the question of how can we ever be loved or love again after any tragic type of relationship ringing in our ears? We find peace and happiness within ourselves and allow someone to come along and help us build. It’s ok to ask for help, shutting the world out will only feed your initial philosophy about that specific person or thing thus effecting the progress in building yourself back up. Our hearts and minds are one and from time to time they aren’t in sync simply because life happens. In life we have choices and decisions and we live in a world where one affects the other but we won’t know if we’ve made the correct choice or decision until we make it. Later we learn from our choices and decisions whether positive or negative. Just remember in life we have to accept ourselves for who we truly are before we can accept others for who they truly are without our philosophy effecting our choices and decisions!