Caged Bird



I’ve been MIA for a while and I apologize for that but life has had me in the fast lane and haven’t been able to sit down and write. I did write a song or two while I was away. This song is inspired by a friend who I share deep conversationsĀ and nurture through this crazy lifetime. You see some folks struggle to find the words to describe their realities but through life’s experiences the cat that once had my tongue is now gone. I wrote this song and dedicated this to my friend and anyone else who feels like they are trapped inside their own paradox. I’m here to tell you it’s going to be alright it gets greater later! Take your time with life and take it one step at a time. I’ve been in this position before but I fought and fought like hell to break from the cage I was in. Mind over matter! Song by yours truly Journeyman Q!

“She was a
Caged bird
Her parents
Clipped her wings
When she
Tried to get away
And grab her things
Her parents
Found a way
To infiltrate
Her dreams
Ambition stripped away
It was a
One way street
Buried by negativity
She was 6 feet deep
Until she met a man
He said listen to me
As beautiful
As you are
You haven’t
Reached yo peak
So She sat down
And let
The lyrics n’sync
Im know
Life has taken you
up and down
Shits creek
And i can
Tell you
First hand
Boy that
Shit stink
This is only
The beginning
Boy shit gets deep
Self conscious
And you
Care about
What they think
The opinions
Of peasants
Shouldn’t make
You think
Yea life’s
a bitch and
This shit
Ain’t sweet
Fuck all
Yo followers
On twitter and Ig
They don’t
Know yo life
They just
Takin a peak
Waitin on your
Come up
So they can take
A seat
Not everyone
Around you
Authentic yo see
Family not exempt
They will Run you
up a tree
Stressin you about
Who and what
You aspire
To be
But your Visionary
You already
Planted yo seeds
And the roots
Of your thoughts
Are beyond
What they
Can see
But i understand
Becuz its
Happened to me
We’re a new
Age of thinkers
And they’re
A new age
Of sleep
If you believe
In what i tell you
Then get
On your feet
Your no longer
A caged bird
I just
Set you free
Sky is the limit
Let the whole
World see
Once a Caged bird
But now
Caged bird free”

We are all fighting our own personal battles for what hasĀ felt like an eternity, but take my word for it, you will make it through. You may bend but you won’t break. To all of you I love you and hang on for dear life because your worth it.