Be Faithful To your Realities


How faithful are you to your life’s reality? Do you understand the context of the question? Yes? No? OK here’s the thing, I recently had a conversation with a person and they were struggling with their pass, and their present life. I sat in silence and listened. I could hear the pain in the tone in which the story was being told. Her eyes filled with confusion and frustration and at about part ways through the story I could feel every bit of the vibes she’d brought to the conversation. Before the conclusion of her life synopsis I drifted towards her and with open arms squeezed her tight with every ounce of affection I had in my body. We stood in silence for what felt like several minutes with our arms locked. I could fell my shirt get moist, tears consistently rolled down her cheeks with her head lying on my chest trying desperately to avoid eye contact. I could tell she felt a bit embarrassed crying in front of me but all I saw was a person starting to respect her reality. After we separated we sat down and I was asked what should I do? I sat back and thought for a second on how to approach this question without prejudice and complete honesty. I responded with compassion offering suggestions on how to approach the situation at hand without having to burn anymore energy and emotion. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t pass judgment and offer my most sincere input on whatever one is going through. This specific girl couldn’t quite comprehend why she wasn’t at the point of her life where she imagined it’d be. The place she had imagined was that similar to the fairy tale ending or beginning to a happy life we all would hope for. Graduate college and along the way find that one special person to spend the rest of your breathes with. Have beautiful children and live in a house with the white picket fence. But then there’s reality you have to contend with. Having to deal with the daily life stress of being a college honor student, along with several heart breaking relationships. I asked her a simple question, are you faithful to your realities? She looked at me with eyes of confusion. I repeated the question to confirm it was indeed the question I wanted answered. I could tell she was searching for a response but a cat had her tongue. I suggested she sit back and take her time to respond because I wanted her to thoroughly focus on the question and not so much on her response. I wasn’t trying to sound smart or belittle her with a complicated question but rather get her to think about the wave she’d been riding throughout life. In other words I asked if you taken the time to acknowledged your life’s entity. You see sometimes we are so caught up chasing after what we want in life, on our own path without stopping to check if we’ve swerved out of our lane. So we’re stuck wondering why we aren’t where we want to be not knowing all along life has tried to slow you down and get you back on track but you never take the time to stop. Your life’s realities are merely the results of the time you’ve taken to respect the life path you decided to take. So she asks “why is my life’s reality different from the life I envision myself to have at this point of my life? I simply replied “respect the life you have today by being grateful for the present moments you take for granted”. I don’t think you take the time to respect the present enough to even for fill your future ambitions. Once you’ve taken the time to appreciate the gifts the present has to offer you, move on to being sincere and faithful to those realities and everything else will fall in place. Remember the future is out of our control and trying to alter the results of your life’s realities will only led you further away from your future envisions. Take the time to get to know love before giving away something so precious and rare. It’s all too many times we don’t even give love a chance to develop within us because we are trying to fill a void of empty affection. Give yourself a shot to connect with yourself emotionally, physically, and intellectually and once you’ve done that, then find someone to inspire. It’s all about helping one another build and work on themselves. Keep in mind from time to time in life people will come along and knock down a piece of the structure you’ve worked so hard on building but don’t let a few bad brick be cancerous to your entire structure. Luckily for us life gives us new bricks to repair the cracks, bumps, lumps and partially broken foundations we endure along the building process as long as we acknowledge our life realities that lead us to the point we needed new bricks. As I attempted to explain my metaphorical expressions she stopped me with her new profound eyes confirming she caught my drift. The ahh look was on the horizon and I smiled because at that moment I knew she had a new outlook on her life’s realities. Try your best to consistently be respectful and faithful to your life’s realities as it is to you. “Life is not a problem to be solved, But a reality to be experienced”-Soren Kierkegaard