A shadowed Conscience

You read a few words about my life and you judged me with your nose up. Somehow, someway you felt as if you were better than me. I know this because I could feel the energy you gave off. I didn’t say anything, I just sat back and observed the situation. I wondered how could one be so shallow as if they weren’t perfect themselves. I laughed at the the thought inside my head. What a judgmental piece of shit, wondering why I don’t let many get close because the information they are given up front is too much, but yet you want someone honest and upfront. Thinking you can’t have it all your way, sometimes you have to make a compromise and roll with it. At this point I was turned completely off by the ignorance, and negativity displayed. You want a lot of things but aren’t willing to give up your ways. What a selfish fuck you are. Your too caught up in the infatuations of a non existing world where everything is imperfect but you. It disgust me to even have cross paths with you, I shall stay in my lane as I was doing and minding my own. I will be slowly disconnecting from your very existence you heart breaking, unworthy, soul snatching element on this earth. I’m worthy of something better than what you offered. I will now turn my back and walk off into the sunset of my imperfections.


5 thoughts on “A shadowed Conscience

    1. Thanks heather that really means a lot and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart! I will continue to inspire you and in due time you will be comfortable enough to share “you” with the world!


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