Your Lessons Grind Too


The grind is silent but the results are loud. In all aspects of life. We grind for the dream we aspire, but before you can have new dreams the old ones have to be taken away. We all have different dreams and for some of us they never change. Life isn’t a race against time but rather the quality of life you live. You see in life were given the answers, it’s only a few that sit down and actually listen. The signs are there you just have to expand your mind in order to see it. The test is given later in life so that when your faced with these situations your prepared to contend with them. We may not get all the answers to the test but that’s what life is for. Lesson’s are to learned not taught. We can read all the books on the subject of life, love and the pursuit of happiness but they only go as far as the walls you read them in, and that’s because life is real, love is real, and happiness is real. If your looking for happiness and you can’t find it, it’s because it’s a state of mind and not a destination you arrive at. If your looking for unconditional love and you can’t find it, it’s because you may be already receiving it, you just have to accept it and if your trying to figure out life, don’t because life is for the living and not to be solved. My thoughts and feelings are of a philosophical nature. I have the experiences of life to thank and so should you. Be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned and the ones you may encounter in the near future. Life maybe a little rough and rugged but we have to roll with the punches. Don’t beg for mercy in the face of adversity rather welcome new challenges with grace and confidence. Speak positively into your life and you’ll find yourself in a better place. Your brain will believe anything you tell it so talk to yourself as if you were giving the advice and not receiving it. I feed off positive energy and I want to motivate those around me so they too can see the world with a broader perspective. I read if you have lots of follows you should take them somewhere, well there’s a seat next to me for this journey ride we call life have a seat. #JourneymanQ


A shadowed Conscience

You read a few words about my life and you judged me with your nose up. Somehow, someway you felt as if you were better than me. I know this because I could feel the energy you gave off. I didn’t say anything, I just sat back and observed the situation. I wondered how could one be so shallow as if they weren’t perfect themselves. I laughed at the the thought inside my head. What a judgmental piece of shit, wondering why I don’t let many get close because the information they are given up front is too much, but yet you want someone honest and upfront. Thinking you can’t have it all your way, sometimes you have to make a compromise and roll with it. At this point I was turned completely off by the ignorance, and negativity displayed. You want a lot of things but aren’t willing to give up your ways. What a selfish fuck you are. Your too caught up in the infatuations of a non existing world where everything is imperfect but you. It disgust me to even have cross paths with you, I shall stay in my lane as I was doing and minding my own. I will be slowly disconnecting from your very existence you heart breaking, unworthy, soul snatching element on this earth. I’m worthy of something better than what you offered. I will now turn my back and walk off into the sunset of my imperfections.

A Poem Freestyle


Love is blind

But so am I

I listen to

My heart beat

And hold on tight

I wish and pray

With all my might

That god keeps

Heart break

Out of sight

But if it comes

I will not dwell

Because I know

It’s the devil

Raising hell

It took

Me awhile

To come out

My shell

With the faith

In happiness

I will prevail

Whether fast

As a bunny

Or slow

As a snail

Patience is a virtue

That’s known well

God is good

He always is

Sending me blessings

For the win

If your moving

So fast

You can hear

The wind

Slow it down

And listen

To the silence