Love one another

When you see homeless, poor or people who just aren’t able out on the streets dirty, or unpleasant is because life has knocked them down a few times and they are in search of the tools to dust that bit of dirt off there clothes and cleanse there souls with the water we all take advantage of. Be cognizant and try no to pass judgment on others. I remember one Easter a few years back I was siting in church and the pastor was preaching and he used a hospital as an analogy to describe life. He said we are all sick but we are on different levels so who are we to put our nose down at the next person. To me that made perfect sense and one of the best analogies I’ve heard that years later I remembered it. He went on to explain that we have no room to pass judgement because you are just as sick as the next person. Remember to be kind and love one another more no matter the differences and in return you’ll be loved.