We All Hide

Confident, yet still shy as little kid around strangers. Ready to expose the ups and downs of the realities of his entire life but still hiding behind a few shadows of his past. Not completely comfortable in his own skin as you can tell he’s still talking in 3rd person leaving the audience in limbo wondering if the story is about himself. The thoughts and feelings coming from deep within burning with passion. Although rough around the edges their is this philosophical nature to him, so he’s been told once or twice in his lifetime ;). Wishing to be born in another era because I don’t feel I fit in with the era in which I was born. My mannerisms, intellect and logic reveals that of a man that’s been living far longer than a person in there late 20’s. Trying to stay level-headed in a society where minds are being lost do to the major influences of trending topics and keeping up with the Jones lifestyles. Wondering what happened to the times without cell phones, where we played outside with friends and siting on the couch on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons until the late afternoon. The simple things in life are fine and dandy plus It helps escape the pressures of keeping up with rapidly changing “things” in the world. I mean let’s face it nothing last anyway something new is always on the brink. Life has taught me some of the most valuable, and humbling lessons that had kept me so grounded I couldn’t leave the pavement even if I wanted to. The knowledge of life is gained through experience and experience is gained from living life every day. I’m thankful for what life has taught me and continues to teach me because it’s made me well-rounded as a person. Still trying to find my place in this life I’m helping others find themselves as well. With the ability to envision the capabilities of those around me I use my life experiences and knowledge to help drive them to their full potential and once they’ve done that I then assist them to exceed their limits by instilling confidence in them. My passion, drive and determination comes from the chances at life I’ve been given on more than one occasion. Some people were born not to quit and others well, they learn how to quit along the way. I never question a person who continues to try no matter the number of failures. Dreams, desires and successes aren’t made over night because it’s the failures that make the successes all the more enjoyable. One day you will become the person you envision yourself to be. Confident, brave, intellectual, successful, determined, strong, and understood might be some great qualities one might desire. Be that, believe in it and talk yourself into those qualities. Maybe soon the fake smiles will wear off, the tears will dry, and the closet will be completely free of the lingering shadows, webs of lies, and negative energy.


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