You don’t know me

You don’t know me

You never took the chance

Not a step, nor a glance

I expected and that was a mistake

Now it’s on me to heal this heartache

I didn’t want much

Not a kiss or a hug

Just time for you to know me

The hopeless romantic

With a heart nearly slanted

A stained mind full of standards

And a passion for some answers

As to why you don’t know me

Are the feelings not mutual

Mind stuck in a cubical

Running away from what might not be typical

Finding love a bit difficult

Heart torn into reciprocals

A cautious a bit lately

Yes, No, Maybe

Maybe it doesn’t matter

Souls and hearts shattered

Mental a bit battered

But the thought

You didn’t want to know me

I wake up the mourning after

Feeling a bit less broken

Because you never knew me


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