Love what are we afraid of?


“Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return” -T.H Wide

I always said I was born in the wrong generation. Times has changed I understand that but has our hearts desires changed as well? Our hearts are a delicate yet most sensitive organ we have in our bodies yet nowadays it’s being thrown around like a ball. I thought life ran off of love for one another. You know, fight for the good things and fight through the bad. I often hear life has gotten complicated for some but most of it I think has a lot to do with creating chaos within our selves creating issues that were never there to begin with. Relationships being the number one factor to our chaos. You know I always wondered what the word love meant but then quickly realized you can’t define love it can only be expressed. Love is something you feel and when your in love it physically shows. It’s in your smile, voice, eyes, and attitude. You know I admire how people fell in love back in the day. I’m talking about the early 1900’s where men and women dated respectfully without the influence of social media or media for the matter. There wasn’t a dividing factor in which merely destroyed the relationship. I’m not trying to bash social media because at one time or another it help me find that special person rather am speaking in terms of developing authentic feelings for someone in person. Today’s generation seems so guarded and afraid of what love has to offer. Heart break is on our minds, afraid of looking like a fool, wondering if the feelings that the other person has are genuine are some of the things we think when meeting someone. This is creating the chaos I speak of. Not giving ourselves a shot at love because we self sabotage it with past relationships influencing our decisions on whether or not we should ever open up again and make ourselves vulnerable to a potential significant other. In life there are talker’s and walker’s. Those who talk often say all the right things at the right time which makes them out to be this perfect person but merely that’s all they do is talk a good game. The walker’s are those who put forth effort to display there loyalty, love, personality, purpose and most of all reason. They don’t talk much because they are often busy keeping there word doing the things they need to show their love. You see the thing is when in a relationship you need reiteration with verbal communication such as I love you or I care about you. The weakness of the walking person is the strength of the talker and the weakness of the talker is the walker. Your probably wondering is there a person who posses both qualities and my answer is if you give yourself and the other person a chance to find out you just might. Sometimes we never find out though because of the chaos created in our own head and heart. What ever happen to the times where we said “I like you, you like me” let’s go out? If you respond it’s complicated now I call bulls**t before you can even say it. Too busy? Not emotional available? I just rather be alone? My heart has been broken? Ya ya ya I see excuses as reasons as to why you can’t commit to. I get sometime you may not be into him/her people but just say so before hearts get invested because then you’ve created an issue we all hate to get into and cheated your hearts. In life we live and learn but being truthful to one another will go along way although the truth hurts you’ll be respected for it. So all am saying people give yourself a chance at a shot at love. The toying with people’s heart, and leading them on to something that will never be is inconsiderate and selfish. Using someone’s heart for selfish gains is down right wrong. We have to break the mental cycle of tricking ourselves out and being emotional reserved because your afraid. If you asked people if they fell off their bike when they were kids they would answer “yes” but then they say they learned how to ride their bikes and now they haven’t fell in years. The same goes with relationship, it’s inevitable we have heart break but that shouldn’t stop us from the pursuit of happiness and love. Life is a long learning process in which we develop how to be the best versions of ourselves. We continuously work on ourselves and along the way we find someone who we can learn and build with. You know there is never a right time to engage into a relationship because as you know in life we all go through things and time seems to play a factor in the decisions we make. So if someone is investing there time into you I suggest you respond just for simple courtesy.


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