In search of myself in this life that has gotten so complicated because of the things I’ve desired. Lost track of what mattered the most and let those into my quite space with temporary mishap, so-called love, attention that merely drained my priceless soul. Now with my back against the wall with only purpose, passion, and hope in my corner what’s a man to do? I’m trying desperately to get back on the right path with righting all my wrongs and preparing myself for a new beginning or an end which ever comes first. You know I use wonder what my purpose was on this earth but I think I finally figured it out, I am purpose. Purpose to give people reason beyond doubt to pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations. With a heart big as mine it’s not mine for the keeping but to spread all the love I can to those in need. I inspire, help others work on themselves, and just a kind person with one hell of a heart and that alone brings satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. I always wish the bess for you my friend. You always had been a kind person that is why God bless you keep putting God first and you’ll be alright.


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