Sight. Vision, a word used to describe what one see’s with there eye’s but also is used to describe an understanding and awareness of one’s surroundings. You see vision can be viewed beyond your sight. Vision develops in your mind, your thoughts, ideas and aspirations begin in that very place. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and open your ears to see and sometimes you have to close your ears and open your eyes to listen. If you don’t understand now in the future you will. As you may know everyone can and has the ability to see, even the blind. The reason for that is because it’s a developmental trait one can learn. Most may spend there lives blind and others will be able to live to see their visions come to life. Will you spend your life fighting to see? or will you be the person fighting not to be blind?


Hello World


Humm where do I start? Pain, Pleasure, and passion is the biggest influence in this life of mine and I’ve wrestled with the idea of sharing it with the world. I think I may play as an inspiration to others. Inspiring, liberating those around me is the best gift I have to offer. Tears will be shed, hearts will mourn but most of all I shall be set free of any negative energy left in my body. I’m putting myself out there for everyone to see, completely vulnerable and alone. It’s time to tell the story of a little ole boy raised in humbled beginning from the city of angels, The Journeyman.